5 Reasons You Need To Perfect A Job Description - What to Know


Ever since people have been advertising jobs, job descriptions have existed. However, very few employers fully understand just how important job descriptions can be, and many people feel that in terms of looking at them from the bigger picture, the concept of job descriptions is still rather vague! 

When it comes to creating, writing and updating a job description, many job recruiters or HR staff are fairly disinterested in the process, especially if they believe there are more pressing tasks to be dealt with at the time, but, having an accurate job description can have a much greater impact on the people who apply for a job than you may initially realize. 

So, let’s take a look at the 5 reasons why you should ensure that the job description for your advertised job vacancy is perfect! 

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Reasons To Ensure Your Job Description Is Perfect: 


Attracting The Right People: 

One of the main reasons you add a job description to a vacancy advertisement is so that you attract the right people for the job, this means ensuring that people have a comprehensive understanding of the role that they are applying to fulfill, as well as what will be required of them. 

By clearly specifying the type and level of qualifications needed for the role you’re advertising, it allows you to ensure that the people that apply for the job are going to fit the criteria of the person you are looking for, whether this is in terms of qualifications, or in terms of personality, and how they’ll fit in the work environment. 

Overall, this saves a lot of time when it comes to evaluating which applicants to interview, and will also increase the quality of people who apply too. 

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Helps To Guide Training Needs: 

When you receive a number of applicants for an advertised position, it can be difficult to try and figure out what amount of training they are going to need before they’re able to fulfil their role properly. Thankfully, a well crafted job description will be able to provide you with the answer much easier than you think. 

With a detailed job description, you’ll be more likely to know what areas of knowledge your potential employee is lacking in, and will therefore require training in, before you hire them. This could be in a number of different areas, from skills, knowledge, qualifications or certifications.

These gaps will then allow you to decide which potential employee is going to be best suited to the role, and will also allow you to curate the perfect training plan, which means they can settle in faster! 

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Post-Termination Protection: 

Unfortunately, even with the most foolproof and perfect job description, there is still a chance that something might go wrong with your new hire, but with an in-depth and detailed job description, you will have a better justification for their termination if their performance hasn’t been meeting the standards outlined in the job description. 

Outlining the expectations for the role is important to do as early on as possible, and is best done in the job description. Whilst many recruiters believe that this might deter some applicants, it’s better to be honest about what the expectations are, as it will help to weed out the dead weight

These expectations will also allow you to pinpoint the failures and shortcomings in the new hire’s performance too and will be able to be used in conjunction with other evidence of performance issues in order to help justify the termination. 

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Increase Satisfaction And Retention: 

A good job description is as important for those applying for the role as it is for those advertising it. A job description should give potential employees a glimpse into exactly what the role involves, what will be expected of them throughout each part of the job, and what their life will look like when working for the company. 

A false or misleading job description can ultimately make a new employee feel like they’ve been deceived or lied to, which can lead them to be unsatisfied with the role, and more than likely quitting too. 

But, if a job description is accurate, descriptive, and honest, an employee will know what to expect when they start in their new role, and will be much more likely to be satisfied, and remain with the company for a long period of time. 

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Gauging Performance: 

Not only can a good job description help to attract and retain the right people, but it can also serve as a useful benchmark for the expectations held for the new employee(s), allowing you to gauge their performance in their new role

By outlining things such as expectations, responsibilities, the tasks they will need to perform, and the environment in which they can expect to work in, then it will be much easier for you as the employer to provide feedback on their efforts and performance so far, allowing you to make an informed decision on whether they should be offered the position after the completion of their probationary period.


Tips For Writing The Perfect Job Description: 

Want to ensure that your job description is attracting the right people, then follow some of these tips! 

  • Include company values, mission, and role expectations early on in the description. 

  • Concise sentences, bullet points, and short sentences will allow people to understand what you’re trying to convey much better. 

  • State what compensation and benefits are provided in the role 

  • Include all requirements, such as physical requirements, qualifications, and expected prior knowledge



So, having the perfect job description can have a dramatic impact on the quality of people who apply for the role, and it also allows you as the employer to gauge their performance too, plus it helps the applicants to understand the role better too, which means that everyone is happy! 

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