a working mother in a dark green jacket working at home with a baby wearing a red shirt on the floor by her side

7 Home Office Tax Deductions To Keep In Mind

How much do you know about home office deductions or home office expenses? In 2017, over 5% of Americans worked from home. Fast forward 2 ye...

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a phrase that says just did it with a hashtag in front of it

The Main Advantages of Using a Paystub Generator

Half of all working Americans have had a mistake on their paycheck. The impact on both the employee and business can be devastating. A tiny...

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w4 sign board on top of w2 sign board

W4 vs W2- What, Where & When To Use Them?

You may be wondering how to compare your W4 vs W2 forms. They're both IRS forms that have to do with taxes, but what makes them differen...

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two cute but spooky halloween pumpkins

Halloween Candy Tax: Is Bulk Candy Purchase Still worth it?

Bulk Candy purchase day oh, I mean Halloween or All Hallows eve, an occasion every American patiently waits all year for. The eerie decorati...

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