Employee Appreciation Day - Is It a Thing?


It can be very easy for employees at a company to feel totally unappreciated for the hard work that they deliver day in and day out, and for those same employees to lose their motivation, thus leading to an inefficient workforce.

Thus, it is in the best interests of any employer to ensure that employees always feel valued and appreciated. But this is not always easy to do while still ensuring that the business is able to turn a profit. 

Luckily, there are a number of initiatives that can help to make employee satisfaction simpler and more effective, including appointing HR managers, or creating employee initiative schemes. 

However, one of the less known incentives for employee satisfaction that is managing to gain some steam across the world is Employee Appreciation Day

But what actually is Employee Appreciation Day? What does it entail? And, most importantly, when is it? 

You’re likely reading this now because you are either an employee or an employer that wants to know how they can celebrate this annual holiday. Well, why wait? Join us below, because we are going to find all of the answers you seek! 

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What Is Employee Appreciation Day?

Employee Appreciation Day is an annual event that was created with the intention of allowing employees a day to be recognized and celebrated by their employers for all of their hard work and their continued efforts towards improving the company.

The holiday was first created by Dr. Bob Nelson who has earned acclaim thanks to his work in helping employers to improve their employee satisfaction and to make liaising with employees much easier. 

The holiday was first observed in 1995, around the same time that Dr. Nelson had released his book 1,001 Ways To Reward Employees.

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When Is Employee Appreciation Day?

Employee appreciation day is observed on the first Friday of the month of March every year, and has been observed every year ever since it was first introduced in 1995. 

Employers should definitely consider celebrating the holiday as a way of incentivizing hard work from employees.

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What Happens On Employee Appreciation Day?

There is no set way for Employee Appreciation Day to be celebrated or observed, so some companies may do it in a certain way while other companies may do it in a totally different way. 

Some of the most popular ways to celebrate the holiday is to take the time to offer employees some extra benefits, such as the ability to leave work earlier for the day, or even by offering gifts to the employees. Some companies may even outright offer employees the option to take the entire day off from work! 

Some companies also host special events, such as company away days or activities held within the work premises to allow employees to unwind and socialize with one another. This has a dual benefit because not only does it help the employees to relax and recharge while having fun, but it also helps to strengthen the cohesion between employees, which allows for a greater sense of a team, which ensures that the employees will support and motivate each other in their normal working days. 

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Is Employee Appreciation Day Well Observed?

Although the holiday has numerous well observed benefits to offer to those that observe it, the holiday is still yet to become fully recognized across the world. However, concerted efforts have been made across the years to bring the holiday to the attention of more people, and to make it more popular. 

Each year, more and more businesses and workplaces are observing the holiday, which shows that the efforts towards raising awareness are having an observable effect. 

Publications such as Forbes and even Inc. Magazine have even published a number of articles all about the holiday in an effort to raise awareness around it, and to make the holiday more popular. 

As well as the holiday slowly climbing up in popularity and widespread acceptance, research has also shown that it is having a demonstrable impact on the satisfaction and happiness of employees that are celebrated by it. Because of this research it is becoming clearer the kind of impact that holidays such as Employee Satisfaction Day are having on employees and their motivation, which is causing more and more companies and employers to become incentivized to take it on. 

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To Wrap Up

As you can now see, Employee Appreciation Day is observed on the first Friday of March every year, as a holiday designed to allow employers to celebrate their employees and the hard work that they continue to deliver every day.

Although the holiday is still in its infancy, and it is still seeing a slow rate of adoption across the world, research has shown that Employee Appreciation Day is extremely effective at helping to motivate employees to strive for greater work. Employee Appreciation Day leads to better satisfaction amongst employees, and a sense that they and their work are valued. 

Employee Appreciation Days are commonly observed with fun activities that allow employees to socialize and bond, which in turn has the added benefit of improving cohesion amongst the workforce, creating a stronger team of people that are motivated to work together and to lift one another up.

The benefits of the holiday are not only extremely observable, but also very self-evident.


Frequently Asked Questions


What Do You Give Employees For Employee Appreciation Day?

There are all kinds of things that you can give employees to help them to celebrate the holiday, such as gift cards, awards, food, or even an entire day off!


Should bosses give gifts employees?

While it is not required that bosses give gifts to their employees, it is recommended for employers to give gifts and extra incentives to their employees in order to incentivize hard work.


Why is Employee Appreciation important?

Employee appreciation is important because it helps to motivate employees and helps employees to feel valued and appreciated as employees of a company, which in turn leads to a more effective and stronger workforce!

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