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What is a Pay Stub?

A pay stub is a document you receive from your employer dissecting your pay in detail. It serves as a proof of income and allows you to keep track of your salary information, taxes paid and owed. You can receive your pay stub through electronic or physical means.

Why choose was designed by some of the brightest accountants to make your calculations as accurate as possible, with an enjoyable hassle-free experience. Creating pay stubs has never been this easy!

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Everything You Need To Know

What Is A Company Pay Stub?

Ideally, a pay stub or a check stub is a proof of income document given to employees by their employer. A pay stub document lists in detail all gross earnings (also known as revenue), net pay (also known as take-home income or what you get to keep) as well as deductions associated.

Depending on the state the company operates in, some employers are not required by federal law to provide employees with paycheck stubs. Many states have certain laws in place that require companies to supply some form of a written pay statement for their employee.

Businesses must remember that even if the state does not mandate handing out pay stubs, it is still a requirement by the Fair Labor Standards Act to keep track of the hours an employee works for record purposes.

Physical Pay Stubs Or Create Pay Stubs Online?

A company paystub, earnings statement, check stub, payslip, or paycheck stub are some of the names given to the classic employee pay stub. This document can be given out in physical hardcopy form or you can also create pay stubs online through the paystub generator which will be discussed further.

If a company hands out physical paychecks, then a pay stub is generally attached to the same piece of paper. However, If the employer pays employees digitally, they can access their pay stubs online by logging onto the employer provided payroll system where employee personal documents are stored.

Who Needs A Pay Stub Or A Paystub Generator?

Creating pay stubs has never been easier whether for an individual or on a business level. Using a pay stub generator, a business or an employee can easily provide proof of income. Pay stubs are especially handy come tax time for businesses and employees. Below are some of the beneficiaries of pay stub documents.

Entrepreneurs Need A Pay Stub:

Contractors, entrepreneurs, and freelancers all need to produce proof of income or have paycheck stubs available. This is due to the fact that contractors do not usually make a steady income like business employees so its always advised that they have pay stub documents available either as a hardcopy or pay stubs online.

Employees Need A Pay Stub:

Employees need to have their paystub documents for proof of income, income verification, and for tax filing purposes. An employee can also use their company pay stub instead of their form W-2 if it's not available in order to calculate the necessary data.

Employers Need A Pay Stub:

Employers need to keep a record of how much their employees are getting paid. Keeping such records is crucial for any profitable business. This practice also eliminates unnecessary employee & employer disputes over inaccuracies in payment.

What Is Included In The Employee Pay Stub?

A company paystub at a glance can get confusing. So many business boxes and complicated federal acronyms to comprehend, all cramped within a specific pay period. Let’s explore the company paystub anatomy to understand the pay stub further for your business. Below are some of the key factors that you will be able to find on your paystub.

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Employment details: This section will include all information pertaining to the employer and employee. Company name, address, employee information, specific pay date, bank account details, etc. are all mentioned here.

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Employee Gross salary: This amount can be found on the employment contract of the employee. Gross salary is what the employer pays without mentioning the mandatory deductions incurred. This is also known as base income on which the income tax is calculated by the company.

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Pay Stub Federal Taxes: Unfortunately for the employee, an amount of the income gets re-allocated to paying federal taxes. The amount is solely based on what the employee has filled out in the W-4 form at the time of employment.

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Pay Stub State taxes: Depending on the state the employee resides in, or where the company is set up, there is a set of tariffs due that the employee needs to produce from their income.

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Employee Sick/Holiday pay: Any employee paid sick leave or company paid vacation days that the employee has accumulated will be mentioned here on the company paystub. This helps both the employer and the employee keep track of how many off days were taken by the employee and how much remains.

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Company Local/Government Taxes: Companies and individual employees must stay up to date on the latest rules and regulations so as not to overpay to the government. Some states impose a certain amount of income tax on the employee such as New York, California, and Colorado to name a few.

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Business Insurance & Company Benefit Deductions: Employee work benefits such as dental, vision, health insurance, etc are deducted directly from the salary paid by the company. The more the employee benefits, the more they are likely to be satisfied with their job and loyal to the company.

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Employee Back Pay: In the event that an employer held back some money from previous pay periods, for whatever reason, this is where an employee will notice them. They could be money owed or reimbursed even. This is also a way to retain employees.

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Employee Net Salary: This is the best part for an employee. This section refers to the net salary amount, that is the employee take-home pay after all the deductions and taxes have been taken out of a company pay stub.

What Are Employee Check Stubs Used For?

Many employees struggle with finding a good enough home that is close to their work or company location. Once they do, the landlord is likely to ask for proof of income in the form of a pay stub.

Real estate and landlords ask for paycheck stubs so that they can understand your income situation and deduce how reliable the future tenant will be and how consistent they would be with the upcoming payments. The longer the work history with the company, the better the employee's chances are.

Some companies go as far as requiring the employee/tenant to make approximately 2.5 times the cost of the rent displayed in income. It is always advised that you keep your pay stubs or use a paystub generator to avoid such situations.

Employee Rental

Many employees struggle with finding a good enough home that is close to their work or company location. Once they do, the landlord is likely to ask for proof of income in the form of a pay stub.

Real estate and landlords ask for paycheck stubs so that they can understand your income situation and deduce how reliable the future tenant will be and how consistent they would be with the upcoming payments. The longer the work history with the company, the better the employee's chances are.

Some companies go as far as requiring the employee/tenant to make approximately 2.5 times the cost of the rent displayed in income. It is always advised that you keep your pay stubs or use a paystub generator to avoid such situations.

a key on top of a rectangle containing the word rent

Pay Stub Accuracy

Employees ensuring the accuracy of their pay allows them to be one step closer to becoming financially knowledgeable. It is recommended by major businesses that employees get in the habit of examining their paystub for any possible discrepancies that could occur.

Often times it could be an issue with the bank or perhaps the employer. This is one way for an employee to avoid being taken advantage of and ensure fair compensation for all their business efforts. Another way to ensure this is by using a check stub maker today.

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Business or Employee Loan

When an employee applies for a loan, the worry begins regarding the credit score or employment and business requirements. By having a few pay stubs on hand, the employee can easily validate their financial stability. If, in the event that a company does not supply pay stub documents to its employees, using a pay stub generator and getting the pay stub online is the next best option and business decision.

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Employee Marital Matters

In the unfortunate event of a marital dispute that results in a divorce or separation of the employee from his or her partner, an employee must have pay stub documents for proof of income. This will come in handy in matters of settlement.

This is where a business can help its employee or use a paystub creator to produce such documents. Helping its employees will boost their morale and gain their loyalty as well.

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Employee Health Insurance

If an employee wishes to apply for health insurance for themselves or their family through the government's health care programs, they will surely need some pay stub documents. Employees will need to provide pay stubs to the government to verify their financial history and determine the amount of government aid they will receive. It is advised that an employee takes up to 4 Paystub documents or online pay stubs with them.

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How To Spot Employee Fake Pay Stubs?

Counterfeit employee pay stubs are becoming more common, especially with the rise in technology and document editors. Forgeries and fake employee documents are increasing and it’s becoming harder to catch them.

Even during chaotic and unprecedented business times, it is understandable why an employee would attempt this, but it is not justified. Let's discuss some of the ways your business could hone in on fake pay stubs.

Missing information

The best option for your business would be to have a real paystub or a pay stub sample or even an IRS stub and compare it. Your employer will notice some crucial information missing on the pay stub in question. It is recommended that the business employer checks it thoroughly and examines it to see if there are old details on it. That is a sure sign that your company is dealing with fake pay stubs.

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Formatting Issues

A business fact remains, that all well represented companies follow a set of rules and brand guidelines. If those were not respected on the very basic of documents, such as a payslip then this is a business alert that something is not right. This is usually displayed as misaligned rows, unstandardized fonts, and the like. This is another sign that your business had a fake pay stub on its hands!

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Excessive rounding of figures

Your business has surely received a pay stub online before and is familiar with how numerous figures and decimals fill out the document. A well-put-together paystub requires business hours of focused calculations up to the smallest decimal. When you find an employee check stub in your business that has more than half of its figures rounded up…. You know something is awry.

thumbs down sign

These are just some of the many ways your business can use to spot a fake paystub. There are always new and inventive ways to break the law. Teach your team how to spot fake from real pay stubs and avoid the massive business penalties! Utilizing a pay stub generator just might be the best solution for your company.

What Are The Fake Paystub Repercussions?

When employees create pay stub documents that are fake, it is surely going to reflect badly on them as well as the business and employer. Below are some of the possible repercussions for your employee, the employer, and the business.

Employees Expect To Lose:

The job: An employee can expect to lose their job for falsifying information on an important governmental document

Any legal protection: By falsifying information of the job or income, the employee waives the right to ever sue the employer. Be it for discrimination or unfair treatment or any other matter.

Any licensed credentials: If an employee has worked hard to obtain any business credentials, they can easily be revoked as a result of the falsification of government documents.

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The repercussions:

Get sued: The employee has the possibility of being sued by the employer for possible damages to the company. Things can get out of hand and ugly in court as the employee has broken company policy not to mention the indirect business expenses and damages.

Go to jail: The employer could have the employee put in jail if they cannot settle the magnanimous amounts that have piled up.

Fines: The employee, as well as the business, could be fined up to $1 million for falsifying information and not adhering to the law.

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Avoid the business penalties and employee repercussions by using our paystub generator in getting all the employee information correctly stated and calculated in the pay stub document. Generate pay stubs that are accurate and compliant easily today.

How Long Should An Employee Keep Company Pay Stubs For?

Many businesses and employees, feel it best to keep their old paystubs secured away. Is this the right approach or is there a more efficient strategy? Businesses can rest assured as there is a much more methodical way of dealing with paycheck stub documents. Read on further as we explain how long should a business and its employees keep their pay stubs and when to discard them.

Storing pay stub documents is crucial for any employee or company. Below are some of the main reasons highlighted.

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Verification: An employee will need paystub documents stored to verify that they are getting paid correctly and all of the calculations add up. While Businesses need to store paycheck stub forms in case of any such disputes.

two pieces of tax documents

Tax Filing: This is helpful to employees as well as the business for reference come tax filing time.

a hand holding a money bag

Proof of income: A generated stub can be helpful to assist salaried workers and the self employed with any large purchases they wish to make.

It’s important for businesses and employees to retain proof of income. The period validity in which this should continue is at least one year. However real pay stubs are crucial to help employees reconcile their form W2 and any contributions made to social security. Once tax returns have been filed, they can be safely discarded.

Employees should create pay stubs online using an online paystub generator. Our paystub creator has gotten reviews for being the best pay stub generator that has assisted many Americans in getting one of the important financial documents in place for various business needs

Business Personnel Record Management Best Practices

Business owners must remember that holding on to employee pay stubs is required by law. Organizations are required by law to keep financial records and ensure they comply with the law or face severe penalties. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has strict regulations for businesses to safeguard personnel records for employees and independent contractor individuals.

According to the Fair Labor Standards, Act (FLSA) organizations must keep employee records for a period of 3 years. The IRS requires employers to keep data such as employee information, taxes withheld, taxes paid, federal and state taxes as well as relevant work dates and form W4 for a period of 4 years.

Data Privacy and Employee Check Stubs?

After a year has passed and tax returns have been filed, employees can discard their accumulated pay stubs safely. Check stub documents are important and hold a lot of critical information about the employee.

Company paystubs contain extremely sensitive information such as employee social security taxes, number, address, work location, salary details, gross wages, and other personal details. If such a document falls in the wrong hands, an employee risks identity theft and harassment among many other problems.

For such reasons, it is recommended by businesses that employees dispose of their personal documents carefully and smartly. Employees must ensure to preserve personal information and privacy. Companies always advise shredding personal documents to confirm data privacy.

Best Business Solutions To Increase Productivity

Regardless of which sector your business operates in, successful business leaders are constantly on the lookout for ways to streamline lengthy processes and work smarter. Workforce productivity has a particular significance and crucially affects a businesses’ ability to be competitive even in the simplest of matters.

Businesses that do not partner with a payroll processing company, would have to process payroll operations manually. Employees would have to spend an endless amount of time understanding common deduction codes, current tax laws, brushing up on every state law including medicare taxes and guidelines pertaining to independent contractors.

Doing all of those manually requires a lot of time that can be spent elsewhere strengthening business operations. However, it's important that a business provides paystubs to its employees.

Generating employee pay stubs can be time-consuming, especially if you are a large company. Pay stubs are a necessary part of payroll, and it's important to develop a system to quickly produce them. Spending all of an employee's time calculating pay stubs and running payroll is wasteful.

Using an online check stub maker helps your business streamline documents. Many pay stub generators out there claim to be legal and compliant when in fact they could get you in trouble.

Pay Stub Generator To Simplify Your Business Needs

In today's digital age, the best businesses out there recommended that employers send pay stubs electronically.

Companies can now produce or create a pay stub easily with the help of a paystub creator. Once your business gives the paystub maker a try, going back to the old methods to generate paystubs offline and printing them, will feel very old fashioned.

Using a check stub maker for your business allows you to create check stubs for any given pay period. With the auto calculation feature, the human marginal error is eliminated and employees can always use their paystubs especially come tax season.

Having an online pay stub allows the employee to save their documents and use their stub instantly for an auto loan, personal loan, during tax season, or for any audit purposes. The business process takes minutes but provides accurate legal and ready to use tax forms.

Employers, Employees, and independent contractors can make use of an online check stub maker and follow the steps below to successfully use a paystub maker today!

Choose a pay stub template

The first step to create a pay stub is to choose the right template that suits you and your business needs. Our paystub maker provides you with a gallery of ready made templates for you to customize according to your business brand elements.

Fill out employee information

Employers or human resource employees can fill out this section and pay attention to the accuracy of the details filled. Information such as employee details pay period, net pay, gross pay, and taxes withheld are all important pieces of information to include to understand how much money is made and taken out.

Preview the company paystub

To avoid errors, employers and employees must go through this section of a paystub maker carefully to ensure no miscalculation or inaccuracy is made either in the pay date, gross wages, contact form or even the company name.

Send out the online pay stub

By reaching this stage, your business has tried and tested the paystub maker and is probably an advocate. The employer can now send the pay stub to the employees electronically either monthly, biweekly, or when needed. This helps determine a pay period, net pay, and gross wages for the employee as well as the self employed. This will surely be useful when conducting tax returns.

For more proof of making the best business decision, be sure to check out our reviews section of the business transforming check stub maker.

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