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What is a Pay Stub?

A pay stub is a document you receive from your employer dissecting your pay in detail. It serves as a proof of income and allows you to keep track of your salary information, taxes paid and owed. You can receive your pay stub through electronic or physical means.

Why choose was designed by some of the brightest accountants to make your calculations as accurate as possible, with an enjoyable hassle-free experience. Creating pay stubs has never been this easy!

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How Does It Work?

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Everything You Need To Know

What is a Pay Stub?

A pay stub or a check stub is a proof of income document given to you by your employer ideally. A paycheck stub is usually included with or attached to your check. It lists in detail your gross earnings (also known as revenue), net pay (also known as take-home income or what you get to keep) as well as deductions associated. A new paystub is issued each time for every specific period in time.

A paystub, earnings statement, check stub, payslip, or paycheck stub are some of the names given to the classic pay stub. This document can be given out in physical hardcopy form or you can also create your pay stubs online.

What Is A Check Stub maker?

What is a paystub creator you ask? Well, simply put, it is an online platform that you or your employer can use. Other terms for paystub creator are check stub maker or paystub generator. They are used to help you create pay stubs for yourself or your employees with ease and convenience in mind. Read on to find out more about this technological miracle. Using a paystub generator has never been that easy now.

What Is On My Pay Stub?

A paystub at a glance can be quite confusing. So many boxes, so many numbers, and so many acronyms. Let’s dive into the paystub anatomy to understand the pay stub further. Below are some of the key factors that you will be able to find on your paystub.

a piece of paper

Employment details: This is where you will find any and all information pertaining to your employment and employer. Name of company, address, specific pay date, etc.

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Gross salary: This amount can also be found on your contract of employment. Gross salary is what your employer pays you without mentioning the mandatory deductions incurred. Also known as base income on which your income tax liability is calculated. However, they do consider your deductions.

two pieces of tax documents

Federal Taxes: Unfortunately an amount of your income gets re-allocated to paying federal taxes. The amount is solely based on what you filled out in your W-4 form at employment. Also known as withholding tax, this payment is usually directly managed by the IRS.

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State taxes: Depending on the state you reside in, there are a set of taxes that you may need to pay from your income. This also depends on whether you live and work within the same state. More will be discussed on this later.

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Sick/Holiday pay: Any paid sick leave or paid vacation days will also be mentioned here on your paystub. This helps you keep track of how many off days were taken and how much is remaining.

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Local/Government Taxes: Always make it a habit to stay up to date on the latest rules and regulations so you do not overpay. Some local governments impose a certain amount of tax on your income such as New York, California, and Colorado to name a few.

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Insurance & Benefit deductions: Work benefits such as dental, vision, health insurance, etc are deducted straight from your salary. Usually, this is sent to a different account for safekeeping till you leave your job for instance, and get reimbursed on these.

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Back pay: For whatever reason, it may be, if your employer held back some money from previous pay periods, this is where you notice them. They could be money owed or reimbursed even.

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Net Salary: Finally! The real numbers you want to see. This section refers to your net salary amount, that is your take-home pay after all the deductions and taxes have been taken out.

What Are Check Stubs Used For?

Pay stubs are quite important even in your day to day life. They come in handy for proof of income, compliance (for your employer) as well as payroll records to name just a few. Having all payments and deductions on your paystub gives you clarity and a sense of transparency with your employer. This helps avoid unnecessary confrontations as well. This is when a paystub maker comes in handy to save the day.

Believe it or not, legally, there is no law in the United States that mandates companies to send out pay stubs to employees. However, many states have different requirements of sending out a paystub in a specific way either pay stubs online or hard copy check stubs. You must be thinking how else can your paycheck stub come in handy? Let’s explore some of the different scenarios you will need your paystub intact.


It’s been a long journey searching for the perfect townhouse or apartment. Now what? Your landlord will most certainly ask for a few of your pay stubs (There’s actually no limit to how many they would require) This is done so that the agent or landlord can understand your income situation better and deduct how reliable you are and how consistent you will be with your payments. The longer the history of work with the company, the better your chances are. Some even go as far as requiring the tenant to make about 2.5 times the cost of the rent displayed. Jeez! Better keep your pay stubs then or use a paystub maker.

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Ensuring the accuracy of your pay is one step forward to becoming financially knowledgeable. Get in the habit to examine your paystub for any possible discrepancies that could occur. Sometimes it could be an issue with your bank or even your employer. Avoid being taken advantage of and see to it that you are being fairly compensated for all your hard work. Use the check stub maker today!

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Applying for a loan? Worried about your credit score and loan requirements? One thing you should not worry so much about is proof of income. Yes, you guessed it. You need a paystub(s) to be granted a loan. Find out how banks verify income for an auto loan. Any lender’s job is to confirm that the borrower can pay back the loan. By showing them a few of your pay stubs you are also validating your financial stability.

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Marital Matters

If in the case of a marital dispute that results in a divorce or separation, having your pay stubs on hand can save you tons of wasted time. Assuming that the topic of child support comes up, your word alone won’t stand. Your lawyer will ask for a bunch of your paycheck stubs to verify your income claim and make the whole process a little bit quicker. Get using a paystub creator now to avoid the future stress!

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Health Insurance

If you wish to apply for health insurance for you or your family through your state’s government, you guessed it. You will need your pay stubs so they can see your financial history and determine the amount of government aid you receive. In this particular instance, it is recommended that you show at least 4 check stubs hardcopy, or pay stubs online.

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What Is FICA On My Pay Stub?

FICA what an unusual acronym. Some of you are familiar with it and some have probably seen it on their paystub and have no idea what it represents besides a deduction. Let’s talk about FICA. In a nutshell, FICA is a United States federal payroll tax.

Federal Insurance contribution act (FICA) is commonly mistaken for the Social Security tax. Let’s straighten out a few misconceptions. FICA used to be a voluntary opt-in program, but not anymore. Now anyone that has a job and earns income must pay into this fund.

Are FICA and Social Security one and the same tax? The short answer is no. However, they are closely connected. FICA covers the taxes that fund social security retirement, disability, as well as family and child benefits. On top of that, FICA taxes also cover a big part of the Medicare budget.

On your paystub you will notice the acronym OASDI, this one stands for Social Security and the full form is Old Age Survivor and Disability Insurance. Medicare taxes are displayed to you on your paystub under Fed Med/EE. An approximate number of 6.2 percent is taken out as deductions from your gross pay for social security.

If you are self-employed or a business owner, there is one slight difference you need to be aware of. The percentage you owe for social security tax would increase to a 12.4 percent. That’s a wide gap but it’s fairly justified since as a business owner you now owe your part as well as your employer’s portion.

As a self-employed FICA payer, you will need to make sure that you give yourself pay stubs on the regular so you do not end up with a big lump sum amount to pay come tax time. A good way to do so is by making use of a paystub generator. By utilizing a paystub maker you can streamline your proof of income and have one less thing to worry about later thus less stress ensuring a more organized mindset. Stay up to date on the latest FICA news and updates to avoid any unnecessary penalties.

How Long Should I Keep My Paystub For?

Are you one of those people who save their every receipt in a shoebox for each and every purchase made? That’s awfully organized of you although there are other electronic means that have come to light in the recent years. Check out this article for the best receipt scanner apps you can use and ditch that shoebox!

Pay stubs function in a similar way. Most people always stack up their pay stubs in fear that they would need one of those pay stubs, one day. Is this the right approach or is there a more efficient strategy? Well, the good news is that you do not need to keep ALL of your pay stubs ever given to you. Read on further as we explain how long to keep your pay stubs and when to discard them.

Let’s get down to the basics first, why do people store their pay stubs? Is it worth it or is it just hoarding paper? Below you will find a few reasons why it’s important for individuals to hold on to their check stubs.

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Verification: To make sure you are getting paid correctly and all your numbers add up.

two pieces of tax documents

Tax Filing: For reference when filling out your tax return

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Proof of income: Can be helpful to assist you with any large purchases you want to make.

It’s important to retain your proof of income but for how long? That’s a good question. It is well agreed upon that any individual must hold on to their pay stubs for at least one year. They are crucial to reconciling your form W2 and any contributions you’ve made to social security.

Keeping your pay stubs allows you to understand the amount you owe during tax time. Once your tax returns have been filed, it’s time for you to let go of them. Say no to hoarding pay stubs and create pay stubs online using a paystub generator. Our paystub creator has raved reviews for having assisted many Americans in getting one of the important financial documents in place for various business needs.

For business owners, it’s a slightly different case. Holding on to pay stubs is required by law. Organizations must keep financial records and ensure they comply with the law or face severe penalties. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has strict regulations on safeguarding personnel records.

According to the Fair Labor Standards, Act (FLSA) organizations must keep personnel records for at least a period of 3 years. The IRS however, requires employers to keep information such as employee information, relevant work dates as well as form W4 for a period of 4 years.

Be sure to always remain compliant and stay on top of these laws and regulations. They can change even slightly at any given time. Make sure you also protect yourself and your business from an FLSA lawsuit.

How Do I Safely Discard My Check Stubs?

This is quite an uncommon question. When a year has passed, people usually rush to toss out their accumulated pay stubs without a second thought. However, pay stubs are important and critical documents with a lot of information about yourself. The last thing you want to do is be careless about your pay stubs and have them fall into the wrong hands.

What could go wrong you may ask? Well, in brief, your paystubs contain extremely sensitive information such as your social security number, address, work location, and other personal details. If such a document or many such documents are in someone else’s hands, you risk identity theft and harassment among many other problems.

For that and many reasons more, it is always recommended that you dispose of your personal documents carefully and smartly. Always ensure to preserve your personal information and privacy. Make it a habit to shred personal documents. If you do not have a shredder on hand, you can cut out your papers using scissors and tear the rest up until none of the information is legible.

What Are The Ways I Can Safely Send Files Online?

We can all agree that personal documents need special attention and care. Whether in making them or sending them. Individuals fear identity theft, and businesses fear a security breach costing them millions upon millions.

It is always recommended that one receives and sends pay stubs electronically. Produce or create pay stubs online today with the help of a paystub generator. Once you give paystub maker a try, going back to the old methods of producing one offline and printing it you’ll realize the hassle included.

Well, how does one send files safely online? Is it just a click of a button and all is well? Let’s discuss a few options you can use;

a download sign

Backup, Back up repeat: You can never have enough backup. If you lose a document you will always have backup and you are never surprised with the loss of one. If a file gets corrupted, you have another copy online. If a document gets eaten by your dog, well no problem you’ve got backup! Always make it a habit to think of plan B and backup.

at sign in an email

Email: By using a secure file exchange you can insert the document you wish to email and it is placed in an encrypted wrapper. This ensures that no eyes are set upon your document while in transit. Be cautious especially with personal or private information over the internet.

a man holding a document

Hand delivery: If all else fails, and you have no trusted source of sending your document then the old fashioned way should work fine. Print your document, keep it safely and go ahead and deliver it yourself. You won’t regret it. It’s good exercise and fresh air and you get to be 100% certain that your document has been received and is in good hands.

Make it a habit to prioritize your privacy and understand how to send your pay stubs online in a safe and secure manner to avoid unnecessary hassles and courts. But before that, produce the paystubs first using our check stub maker today.

How Can I Spot A Fake Paystub?

Fake paystubs are becoming more and more common especially with the rose in technology and document editors. Forgeries and fakes have become on the rise and people have become so skilled at faking a paystub that it’s becoming harder to catch them. Even during hard and chaotic times, it is understandable why it is done but it is not justified. So, how does one spot a fake pay stub document? Could a fake check stub be right in front of you and you don’t know?

Let’s explore some of the reasons why people go through the trouble of creating false and fake pay stub documents.

Missing information

Your best bet is to have a paystub or a pay stub sample in front of you or even an IRS stub and compare it. You will notice some crucial information missing on this pay stub in question. Go through it thoroughly and examine it to see if there are old details still on it. That is a sure sign that it’s a fake!

a bubble thought containing the exclamation point sign

Formatting Issues

We all know that well represented companies follow a set of rules and brand guidelines. Imagine those were not respected on the very basic of documents, a payslip. Usually, you will find rows unaligned, fonts are not standard. Well, that’s surely another sign that you’ve got a fake pay stub on your hands!

a pen next to three documents

Excessive rounding of figures

If you’ve seen or have received a pay stub online before, then you know that figures and decimals fill out the document. A well put together paystub requires hours of focused calculations up to the smallest decimal. When you find a check stub that has more than half the figures rounded up…. You know something is not right!

thumbs down sign

These are just some of the many ways to spot a fake paystub. There are always new and inventive ways to break the law that is coming out. Learn how to spot fake from real pay stubs and avoid the massive penalties!

What Are The Fake Paystub Repercussions?

Creating a fake pay stub document is never a good idea no matter how desperate you are. No good will come out of it and it’s just not worth the risk. Let’s discuss the possible repercussions of creating a fake pay stub. This will definitely deter you from even thinking about creating your own fake pay stub. Let’s discuss all the things you could lose and face.

You stand to lose:

Your job: for falsifying information on an important governmental document

Any legal protection: by falsifying information of your job or income, you are waiving your right to ever sue your employer. Be it for discrimination or unfair treatment or any other matter.

Any licensed credentials: that you had or worked hard to obtain can just as easily be revoked due to false information on a governmental document. Your reputation is at stake as well after this.

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The repercussions:

Get sued: you stand the possibility of being sued by your employer for possible damages to the company. Things can get out of hand and ugly in court as you have broken company policy.

Go to jail: yes that is correct, If you’re still wondering whether it’s legal to create a fake pay stub think again. This could put you right in jail if you cannot settle the magnanimous amounts that have piled up on you.

Fines: you could be fined up to $1 million for falsifying information and not adhering to the law.

a hand holding a mountain and a star

Avoid these repercussions by using our paystub generator in getting all the information correctly stated in the pay stub. Why take the risk of creating a fake pay stub?

What Are The Various State To State Pay Stub Requirements?

There is no absolute or federal law that requires pay stubs to be given to employees. However, accountants and businesses find it good practice to keep track of what and how much each employee is getting paid. However, when talking about various state laws, well that is a different ball game altogether.

Believe it or not there are states that mandate their own laws and regulations. This has proven to work quite well as it highlights transparency and avoids needless back and forths for verifications. All 50 states fall into one of these categories. Either they have no actual pay stub requirements, require access to the pay stub online or hardcopy, or require printed versions of the pay stub.

Below are just some of the states that must provide employees access to pay stubs online or hardcopy.
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
Below are the states with no actual pay stub requirements listed.
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Ohio
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee

Always ensure that you follow your state’s rules to avoid the fines and penalties associated. Stay alert on the state to state pay stub requirements. You never know how it could save you one day.

If you as an individual or a small business have a few resources on hand and are forced to do payroll the old fashioned way, then stop wasting your time and potential. Use a paystub generator today and unlock more free time for yourself and your company. Streamline your payroll process in minutes with the paystub maker‘s easy to use platform. Check out the many businesses and individuals we’ve helped and you will understand why our paystub maker has become an essential part of every small business.