How will I receive my pay stub?

You will receive your pay stub as a PDF file that you can download and print any time.

What’s the average delivery time?

With PayStubs.net we believe in 0 wait time. Once you submit and pay for your order, it gets immediately sent to you by email. 

Always check your spam folder if you do not spot it in your inbox!

Are pay stubs legal documents?

Every document created with us is legal, considering that all the information submitted is true.

Do I have an option to edit my order?

At PayStubs.net, we offer you the option of correcting your order and double-checking before submission. You also have the option to reset your order and start anew!

Can I create multiple pay stubs in 1 order?

You have the option to receive your pay stubs in a single PDF file that contains multiple pages (1 page per pay date) or you can choose to receive a zip file that contains a PDF folder, a file per pay date. 

What payment methods do you accept?

You have the option to pay using your Paypal account or an online bank account, debit/credit card (Visa, American Express, Master Card, or Discover).

Is the information entered, secure?

Good News!

All the information you enter is encrypted using SSL/TLS to ensure ultimate security and privacy of our customers.

How can I contact you?

You can easily get in touch with us through our contact us link or we can simply have a chat at your convenience. Just tap the chatbox! We also offer a toll-free number (888) 789-7209 for any concerns you may have. Our customer support team is ready to help you 24/7. 

Are these W-2 forms considered legal documents?

Every form generated by paystubs.net if of course legal and compliant, however, that also depends on how accurate the data you enter is.

How will I receive my Form W-2?

You have the ability to choose how you want to receive your W-2 form. 

You can receive your Form W-2 in a single PDF file that contains multiple pages. (1 page per pay date) or choose to receive a zip folder that contains your pdf files. 1 file per pay date.

Note that all PDF files can be printed!

The W-2 does not reflect my current salary. How come?

Your current W-2 does not reflect your fiscal year salary, instead, it reflects taxable, calendar-year wages. The fiscal dates that your W-2 covers are 11 or 13 pay periods. For instance: from 12/16/18 – 6/30/19 (13 pay periods) and 07/01/19 – 12/15/19 (11 pay periods).

How soon can I expect the W-2 Form?

The best thing about using our W-2 Generator is that there is 0 wait time! Once you submit your order, the documents are sent to you by email. Yes, it’s that quick! If for any reason you cannot locate the email in your inbox, always check your spam or junk folder.