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How do I get my pay stub?

Your pay stub will be delivered to you as a downloadable and printable PDF file via email.

How long does delivery take?

At , we ensure immediate delivery. As soon as you complete and pay for your order, we send it to your email. If you don’t see it, remember to check your spam or junk folder.

What is the format of the documents you provide?

Our documents, including pay stubs and W-2 forms, are primarily provided in PDF format. Additionally, you have the option to receive them in JPEG format.

Is there a monthly subscription option available?

Currently, we don't have a monthly subscription model. Our services are based on one-time payments for each paystub or form you generate.

Is the pay stub a legally valid document?

Yes, documents created with us are legal, provided the submitted information is accurate.

Can I make changes to my order?

Absolutely! Before finalizing, you have the option to preview your order. If you spot any issues or need changes after you've finalized the order, please get in touch with our customer support. We will promptly apply the necessary changes and resend the corrected stub to you.

Can I consolidate multiple pay stubs in a single order?

Yes, you can either get them as a multi-page PDF (one page per pay date) or as a zip file with separate PDFs for each pay date.

Is there a limit to the number of pay stubs I can order at once?

No, there's no limit. You can order as many pay stubs as required.

Can I get a sample of a pay stub before ordering?

While we don't provide sample orders, you have the ability to preview the pay stub in detail before finalizing your order. This ensures you see exactly what you'll receive before committing to the purchase.

Can I add a direct deposit slip to my paystub?

Certainly! You can include a direct deposit slip with your paystub. While inputting the required details for your paystub, there's an option to add this slip.

Can I incorporate my company's logo on the paystub?

Yes, definitely! While setting up your paystub details, there's an option to upload and incorporate your company's logo for a more personalized touch.

Why does my paystub mention Year to Date (YTD)?

Year to Date (YTD) serves essential roles for both parties: employers assess their payroll outlays through it, while employees use it to navigate their income tax reporting. 123PayStubs ensures your YTD is accurately determined, streamlining the process for you.

How can I retrieve paystubs I previously created?

Using comes with the benefit of easily accessing your older paystubs. If you ever need a copy of a past stub, just contact our customer support. We're here to assist and will provide you with your stub promptly.

What steps should I follow to create pay stubs for my employees?

First off, navigate to the employee information section and pick the "employee" option for employment status. From there, input key data such as wage amounts. The system takes over from this point, automating all standard state deductions and computations.

Do "paystub" and "paycheck" mean the same thing?

They don't, though they're both essential parts of the payroll process. A paycheck is what an employee receives as payment, either through a check or direct deposit. A paystub, however, details the composition of that payment, breaking down earnings and deductions. Consider the paycheck as the "transaction" and the paystub as the comprehensive "bill" detailing that transaction.

Are the W-2 forms legally compliant?

Every form from is legal and compliant, but its validity also depends on the accuracy of the data you provide.

How is the Form W-2 delivered?

You decide how you'd like your W-2 form: either as a multi-page PDF or in a zip folder with individual PDF files, one for each pay date. All formats are printable.

Why doesn't my W-2 show my current salary?

Your W-2 reflects calendar-year taxable wages, covering either 11 or 13 pay periods, not your fiscal year salary. E.g., from 12/16/18 – 6/30/19 and 07/01/19 – 12/15/19.

When will I receive my W-2 Form?

With our W-2 Generator, delivery is instant! Once ordered, it’s emailed to you. If it's missing, check your spam or junk folders.

Can I order both pay stubs and W-2 forms together?

Yes, you can combine your orders and get both documents as needed.

How accurate is the W-2 Generator?

Our generator is highly accurate. However, the final document's accuracy is contingent on the information you provide.

Which payment options do you support?

We accept Paypal, online bank accounts, and most major debit/credit cards including Visa, American Express, Master Card, and Discover, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Is my payment data safe?

Absolutely! All data is encrypted with SSL/TLS, ensuring your privacy and security.

Are there any hidden charges or fees?

No, the amount displayed during checkout is the final amount. We believe in transparency.

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

Yes, you can request a refund within 30 days from your purchase. Please refer to our refund policy available on the website for detailed information.

Under which situations does not offer a refund?

We value customer satisfaction but have set criteria for refunds. Here are instances where refunds won't apply:

  • Cases outside of our stated refund guidelines.

  • Disliking the finalized pay stub.

  • Deciding not to utilize the created stub.

  • Doubts regarding the pay stub calculations.

  • Drastic changes in core pay stub data when direct edits aren't possible.

I'm experiencing issues with payment or downloading. What steps should I take?

A quick refresh of the webpage or clearing your browser's cache might resolve the issue. If you continue facing problems, please reach out to our support team for guidance.

I haven't received my paystub in my email. How should I proceed?

First, check your spam or junk mail folders. If it's not there, contact our support team, and they will promptly resend the paystub to your designated email address.

I can't seem to print my paystubs properly. Any advice?

The PDF files we provide are formatted for universal print compatibility and conform to the US Letter size standard. They can be viewed in any version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Ensure your printer settings are adjusted to 'Letter' size with the scaling set to 'Default' for optimal results.

The print of my paystubs is overlapping. How can I fix this?

If your paystubs are printing overlapped, it might be due to selecting an unsuitable template. We advise utilizing the preview option prior to downloading to identify and adjust any layout issues, ensuring your printed stubs are perfectly formatted.

How can I download separate files for each of my paystubs?

When you arrive at the download interface, choose the 'Separate Paystub Files' option. This action ensures you receive each paystub as a unique file.

Is it safe to input my information on this platform?

Without a doubt! We hold your data's security in the highest regard. All interactions between your device and our servers employ SSL/TLS encryption, safeguarding your data from unauthorized interception.

Do you disclose my details to external entities?

Your data's confidentiality is paramount to us, and we adhere to rigorous privacy standards. We will never sell, exchange, or disclose your personal details to third parties.

After payment, will the watermark disappear from my documents?

Absolutely! Once your purchase is finalized and the files are downloaded, any existing watermarks will be automatically eliminated.

How can I reach out for assistance?

Contact us via our website, initiate a chat session, or simply call our toll-free number (855) 999-7525. We’re here for you 24/7!

What's the response time if I contact customer support?

Our committed support team is at your service 24/7. Whether you contact us through chat, phone, or email, we typically respond in mere seconds.

Is it possible to edit my pay stubs after I've ordered?

Should you spot any errors on your pay stubs post-purchase, rest assured they can be amended at no extra charge.

Which elements of my pay stub can be modified post-order?

You have the flexibility to:

  • Correct any typographical errors
  • Change to a different template
  • Insert or delete logos and contact numbers
  • Amend any incorrect calculations
  • Refresh company or personnel data
  • Modify the state associated with deductions, adjust pay dates, and tweak other minor elements

Do any editing constraints exist?

Indeed, there are certain limitations:

  • Full changes to the employee's or employer's name aren't permitted
  • Modifications to the pay cycle or entire address fields aren't allowed
  • Although you can change pay dates by a day or two, or toggle between weekdays and weekends, the numerical data should stay the same

What if the change I require isn't listed above?

Please reach out to our support team! Our committed Customer Service representatives is here 24/7 via live chat, phone call, or email. We'll swiftly dispatch the revised stubs to your inbox.

What's the time frame for submitting amendment requests?

You have a window of 30 days from the purchase date to put forth amendment requests.

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