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What Is A Form W2?

Form W2 is an important document given by an employer detailing deducted federal and state taxes from an employee’s income. When tax season approaches, The Internal Revenue (IRS) will need to receive each employee’s form W2. Every employee will need to have 3 copies of their form. One copy remains with them, and the other 2 copies can be attached to an employee’s federal and state tax returns if they’ve made a plan to mail in their taxes during tax filing season.

It’s A Guaranteed Time-Saver!

When tax season hits, that’s a hassle on its own, lets us take care of your W2 needs and have one ready for you in minutes! Forget manual wage calculations, We’ve got you and your employees covered! You can create and access your forms immediately via e-mail. Our support team is always ready to assist you at any time!

Our Convenient Service - The W2 Generator

Our Form W2 Generator allows you to create your form in minutes and have it emailed, downloaded or printed. It’s super simple, all you need to do is fill in the needed information correctly including company and employee information as well as wage details and we will generate your Form W2 error-free and ready for you to file.

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How Does It Work?

  • Enter Info

    Enter Information such as company name, and salary details.

  • Preview

    Preview your Form W2

  • Download

    Download and print your W2 instantly.


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Danita Stephens

Very easy to use and quick! Loved it.

Published Jan 15, 2021
white tick in green background icon Verified User

James Moore

Great thank you

Published Jan 12, 2021


Satisfied with overall appearance, however, employee address did not print on stub even though employee information was added.

Published Jan 14, 2021
white tick in green background icon Verified User

Deidre Harris

Exactly what I needed, thank you.

Published Jan 19, 2021
white tick in green background icon Verified User

Melody White

Customer service was very helpful

Published Jan 13, 2021
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