Appreciation Emails You Can Send To Employees: 10 Examples

One of the most important things you need to do as a business owner or supervisor is to ensure that your employees feel appreciated for their work and contributions. There are many ways of showing your appreciation towards the employees, however, since you’re likely to be incredibly busy, then one of the best ways that you can acknowledge the efforts of your employees is by sending them an email! 

So, if you want some appreciation emails that you can send to your employees, check out the examples we have listed here! 

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Simple Appreciation: 

It might seem basic, but even just sending a basic email is an easy way of ensuring that your employees know that you appreciate them


Dear (Employee’s name) 

On behalf of (Name of the company), thank you for all of your hard work and effort in recent weeks. We truly appreciate everything you have done since starting as an employee. So thank you once again for your efforts. 


(Name of the company) prides itself on hard work and dedication, and your efforts have helped to ensure that this standard is adhered to. 


Thank you again for all of your hard work. 


Best Regards, 


(Sender’s name) 


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Appreciate Leadership: 

If the employee you’re wanting to show appreciation to is in a leadership position, then it is important to show this appreciation regularly, as it will help to motivate them, and the people that they manage! 


Dear (Employee’s name) 


Thank you for all of your hard work and effort in your role as (leadership position title), it is clear to see that your guidance and support for the employees have been extremely beneficial to the work rate in recent times. 


Again, thank you for your dedication and efforts in helping to grow this business even further. 


Best Regards

(Name of sender)


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Sales Appreciation: 

The sales time is often the driver of profit for a business, so it’s important to pay them their dues when they’re performing well! 


Dear (Employee’s name) 


We are writing to congratulate you on your immense efforts and exceedingly good performance in recent weeks. The sales progress report has shown your commitment to ensuring not only that the product sells, but that the customer is satisfied. 


Please continue to keep up your great work. 



(Name of sender) 


Appreciate The Long Term: 

Showing appreciation to your long-standing employees is extremely important, as they’re the ones with the most influence over other employees, so it’s imperative that you show them your thanks! 


Dear (Employee's name) 


Congratulations on another excellent year as part of (Name of the company), your years of service and loyalty to the company are greatly appreciated. 


We’re more than aware of all of the effort and dedication you put in not only for the company, but for your colleagues as well, and without you, this company simply wouldn’t be where it currently is. 

Thank you once again for all of the sacrifices and contributions you make. 



(Sender’s name) 

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End Of Year Thanks: 

Reflecting on the previous 12 months is common at the end of the year, and it’s always a good idea to thank your employees for their hard work and dedication in the past 12 months! 


Dear (Employee Name)


With the year coming to an end, we wanted to reflect on the past 12 months, and to say thank you for all of your hard work and amazing contributions that helped to ensure that this year was a successful year for us. 


We hope that you have a happy new year, and we look forward to starting fresh again in the new year. 


Yours Sincerely, 

(Sender’s name) 


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Recognize Creativity: 

Creativity is a rare talent, which means if one of your employees has come up with a creative and innovative idea that will benefit the company, then you should certainly consider paying them a thank you! 


Dear (Employee’s name)


We’re writing to thank you for your incredible creativity and innovative ideas that you came up with in recent weeks. Hopefully, we will be able to realize your ideas and put them to use in the future, which should help the company grow even further. 


Keep up the amazing work. 


Best Regards

(Sender’s name) 


Birthday Appreciation: 

One way to ensure that your employees feel appreciated is by wishing them a happy birthday! They probably won’t expect it, and it will help them feel seen by the higher-ups of the company. 


Dear (Employee’s name)


On behalf of myself and everyone at the company, I just want to say Happy Birthday! We value all of your hard work and efforts at (Name of company), and we hope that your birthday is a good one. 


Best Wishes

(Sender’s name) 


Appreciate New Hires: 

Joining a new company can be scary and daunting for new employees, so an appreciation email is a great way to help them settle in and feel more comfortable! 


Dear (Employee’s name) 


Welcome to (Name of the company), we’re sure you will fit in well, and we look forward to seeing what incredible things you are able to do. 


If there’s anything we can do to help you settle in, do not hesitate to let us know. 


Best Regards,

(Sender’s name) 


Covering Leave: 

When an employee covers someone else’s leave, you should be sure to thank them for it, as they’re preventing you from being an employee short! 


Dear (Employee’s name)


Thank you for covering (name of other employee)’s leave, we appreciate the sacrifice made to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly in their absence. 


Once again, thank you for your sacrifice. 


Best Regards

(Sender’s name) 

person on laptop

Applaud Collaboration: 

With busy workplaces often seeing a lot of staff rotation, you should be sure to thank employees for successful collaboration! 


Dear (Name of employee)


I would like to express my gratitude for the successful collaboration on (project name), it was a pleasure working with you, and will be sure to help the company grow even further.


I look forward to working with you again in the future.


Best Regards,

(Sender’s name) 



We hope you found this list of appreciation email examples helpful, and that you put them to good use in the near future. 

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