Hiring And HR: What Is Their Role In The Hiring Process


The hiring process can be difficult and stressful for any employer, and knowing the role each person plays in the hiring process is also particularly important, both for the applicants and for the company that is advertising the position. A lot goes into selecting the right applicant, from creating the right job advertisement, reading each of the applications, as well as contacting and gathering the applicants that passed the initial screening, and then conducting the final interviews! 

What many people don’t realize is the input that HR has in the hiring process, and their involvement is much larger than a lot of people would initially suspect. Understanding the role that HR should have in the hiring process for a company for many reasons, which we’ll explore in further detail later on. 

So, to learn more about HR’s role in the hiring process, keep reading on, and we’ll provide you with all of the information you need to know! 

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What Does The Hiring Process Involve? 

Before we take a look at the role that HR has to play in the hiring process, it’s first important to understand exactly what the hiring process looks like, as this will provide you with a greater understanding of what HR has to do in the hiring process! 

The first step in the hiring process is the advertisement and application process, which involves creating the perfect job description and advertising the vacancy on the relevant websites and locations. The advertisement needs to provide potential candidates with all of the information they need to know about the role, as this will help to filter out the weaker candidates and ensure that you only get quality candidates applying. 

Once the applicants’ resumes have been collected, then it’s time to screen the resumes, deciding upon which of the candidates are going to be suitable for the role, so that you can invite them back for the screening, testing, and interviewing process. This can sometimes involve sifting through hundreds or thousands of resumes, so this can be an especially lengthy process depending on the role! 

Prior to the interview, a screening call is needed, as this will help to determine whether the candidates are seriously interested in the role, as well as whether or not they have the correct skills and qualifications necessary for the job. 

You then need to make your candidates undergo a form of aptitude test, which will allow you to determine which of the candidates truly have the skills and knowledge to fulfill the role, as well as what training they might need to undergo. 

After this, your remaining candidates can then be invited to an in-person interview, which will allow you to get a greater understanding of their personality, and whether or not they’ll fit into the workplace environment. 


Once the interviewing process is done, if it’s relevant, then you need to conduct background checks into your potential candidates, which might include looking into things such as criminal records, driving records, credit reports, drug tests, and verification reports. If it’s a high-risk role where any of these may be relevant, then you need to make sure that your candidates can be trusted in the role! 

From here, you can then follow up with the references the candidate provided you with during the application process, which will allow you to get another insight into their work ethic and character, which will help you to decide whether or not they’re going to be someone you want to hire. 

Once all of this has been completed, you are then able to select your new employee! There might be just one candidate remaining, or you might be forced to choose from a couple of applicants, but you should ultimately end up with the perfect candidate. 

So, now we know what the hiring process is like, let’s take a look at what role HR has to play in this process! 

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What Role Does HR Have In The Hiring Process?

The amount of input that HR has in the hiring process ultimately is dependent on the company. Some companies tend to form dedicated hiring teams, which will generally tend to consist of various people from different sections of the company, whilst the CEOs and managers of some companies will prefer to conduct the recruitment process themselves. 

However, whilst the actual interviews and screening calls might be conducted by the managers or CEOs, it’s down to the HR team to go about organizing and gathering the applicants, including arranging the in-person interviews, as well as ensuring that the paperwork that is involved with hiring someone is completed properly and comprehensively. 

Generally, the HR team will be responsible for screening the resumes that have been submitted by the various applicants and will select the candidates they believe will be most suitable for the role. This prevents the managers and CEOs from having their time clogged up with reviewing resumes and selecting candidates and helps to streamline the recruitment process so that the role is filled swiftly and efficiently.

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Who Else Is Involved In The Hiring Process? 

When it comes to the hiring process, there are often more than just a few people involved, and aside from a representative from the HR team, which is usually the head of HR, then the hiring process often involves a dedicated recruiter, numerous team members, a resourcer, some of the supervisors or managers, as well as the CEO too (depending on the size of the company). 

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As you can see, HR’s role in the hiring process can depend on the company, but usually the head of HR will be a part of the team dedicated to recruiting, and HR might also screen the resumes submitted by potential candidates too. So, it is fair to say that HR’s role in the hiring process can be crucial to successfully recruit an employee! 

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